3 Sided Large Parcel Cage

3 Sided Large Parcel Cage

A large capacity cage for the post & parcel industry. More info


A large robust 3 sided parcel cage that folds back into a L shape to nest into other units. The fully paneled floor helps comes with a handle to help when folding back. There's 3 grab handle points for the user to help with maneuvering the unit.

To nest the cage the user will 1st lift up the floor. Then fold the left side inwards to create an L shape. This will allow another unit to sit inside nesting them together. Reverse the process to open them up ready for use.

Additional information

Width 1190mm Depth 995mm Height 1960mm

Suitable For Logistics, Post & Parcel

Technical Information

Mild steel construction Finished in bright electroplated zinc, with lacquer top coat. SWL 500kg