UK & China Manufacturing


From the moment your business engages with Rollstore Ltd, we are with you all the way through, design, samples and trials, to full scale production, logistics, delivery and ongoing after sales service.


Our aim is to fully understand your materials handling requirements and employ our expertise to produce the best in terms of functionality / quality and value for you.

We adopt a rigorous attention to detail and quality control throughout the whole process irrespective of whether the goods are produced in our UK or Chinese factories, the same standards and philosophy apply.

UK Production

Our UK factory concentrates mainly on the production of samples, prototype development, production of lower volume specialised products plus assembly of all Chinese produced large volume orders.

Chinese Production

Since 2007 we have enjoyed a successful joint venture with our Chinese manufacturing facilities, and this strong relationship enables embedded Rollstore staff to actively manage the production and quality processes throughout.

We manufacture the larger volume orders through our Chinese factory with the aid of the latest robotic welding technology and processing equipment. All of our Chinese production is overseen by our Technical Director and business owner and no product is allowed to leave without senior management sign off.