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Welcome to our brand-new website! We hope you like it. We’re still offering the same terrific products and services, at the same keen prices, but our website is more user-friendly and even adjusts to fit all mobile devices.

If Rollstore is new to you, you’ll want to know more about what we do and the way we provide so many materials handling solutions to a truly diverse range of clients, from smaller start-ups to acclaimed multi-nationals. If you are occasionally frustrated by one-size-fits-all options that really don’t meet your needs, you’ll be delighted to know that, apart from our standard wide range of stock choices, we also offer an end-to-end bespoke design service to create exactly the product your situation requires.

Consider these superb materials handling solutions…

The always-available inventory covers products both for general use and for industry-specific situations. For the former, you might be seeking box or folding metal pallets, thermal covers or roll cages. Examples of the latter include shopping baskets or trolleys for stores or garden centres, hospital bag trolleys for dealing with waste, and food freezer role cages for hotels, restaurants, or on-site catering facilities. A quick look round our new website will confirm this is only a small selection from an impressively-large inventory.Product Rental Photo

A range of vital back-up services

Apart from the already-mentioned opportunity to have bespoke products manufactured to your own specifications, Rollstore offers other key services to take the hassle out of many logistics situations. For instance, you might only need some items of equipment for a short time, and are reluctant to commit a substantial part of your budget in such circumstances. The Rollstore options include short or long-term rental, or perhaps a lease-purchase agreement.


You may also have damaged equipment that was expensive to buy and, therefore, would be the same to replace. A quick contact with our Repair Team and your problem may well disappear through use of their on-site or back-at-base repair service – and at just a fraction of the expected total replacement costs. It may also be the case that you are keen to have your expensive materials handling equipment serviced, or simply cleaned, on a regular basis – making sure you extend its working life for as long as is possible. Finally, when the day does come that items can simply function no longer, one call can see Rollstore collect and recycle for you.

State of the art manufacturing

We use of state-of-the-art robotic welding and production technology meaning that the highest standards are always met, whilst allowing some of the keenest prices in the marketplace to be offered to an ever-increasing customer base.

To learn more about Rollstore and the materials handling solutions we can provide you, contact us today on 01773 717840

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Posted 19 Feb 14
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