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New Products For The Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

With our ever expanding customer base within the automotive industry, We wanted to offer our customers more choice and bespoke solutions to their day to day problems that occur.

As we look to expand our automotive range and follow on from the success of our Elite Auto Transportation Roll Container we are pleased to bring to you:

6 Wheel Heavy Duty Automotive Roll Container 

cropped2This 6 wheel roll container is a must for the transportation of any large expensive goods. Its features include:

  • Full security with locking bolt
  • 50x50mm mesh for added protection against knocks
  • 3 doors for easy access by the user
  • Pull down hand brake to keep the container in place
  • Fork guides to help with transportation by FLT
  • 6 heavy duty rubber castors to give smooth and controlled movement

The dimensions of the container are: Width 1900mm Depth 800mm Height 1960mm




Premium Folding Pallet Box

Elite Plastic Pallet Box1The Premium folding pallet box is designed to be lighter and fold flatter than the Plastic pallet box. It also boasts a larger internal volume too.

The added lid and the dimensions of 1200 x 1000 x 975 mm give plenty of options when needing to store large bulky items for long periods of time.

Very popular with customers within the automotive industry.