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Whether you are looking for standard roll cages, or more bespoke types of materials handling equipment such as laundry roll containers; shopping trolleys then Rollstore is a natural choice.

Since our company was first established in 1996 we have found our place as a go-to solution provider throughout a wide range of industry, business and marketplace sectors. No matter the size of the company from a recent start up to a giant market leader  many now look to Rollstore as their trusted logistics and equipment supplier.



If it’s all about location, then our East Midlands base, at Heanor in Derbyshire, is terrifically-placed for the national motorway network, allowing a quick response when requirements are urgent. In an increasingly global marketplace, international deliveries are also easily handled. When you add the carefully nurtured relationships our company has built with our Chinese production facilities, you’ll see how we provide a template model of the flexible efficiency required to respond quickly to customer needs and yet offer competitive prices in a tight market sector.

More about the Rollstore product range

A convenient location and swift response only matter when you know that a company can supply exactly what you need. Key examples of the our materials handling equipment range include bespoke roll cages for picking, large parcel or food storage and handling requirements, or nestable garment rails either for display or convenient storage. They offer industry-specific products such as hospital bag holders for the safe collection and disposal of waste, or plastic roller and hand shopping baskets. You can easily add laundry roll containers, lorry ratchet and nylon retention straps, roll containers, stock filling trolleys – and much more. The result is a truly impressive level of choice and options which already meet a huge range of diverse needs.

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A wide choice of vital back-up services

We appreciate that each business and its needs are different. That’s why, apart from our current stock, we are ideally placed to answer your call for an end-to-end design service, creating products manufactured specifically to meet your unique needs. We can even reduce annoying transport costs by organising the delivery of flatpacks and then erecting the equipment on-site for you.

Ready to Rent


Another unique part of the service offered is the opportunity to rent equipment, either in the short-term or for longer lease periods, and a further lease-purchase option is also available. Yet another string to our bow is our Repair Service – ranging from specific repairs to ongoing maintenance and contract work. Such agreements can include repainting, washing, spare part provision, or environmentally-friendly recycling.

A single solution to so many problems

Whether your equipment requirements are bespoke or off-the-shelf, purchase or rental, repair or recycle, the professional team here at Rollstore will provide a cost-effective and hassle-free solutions.

Why not get in touch to learn more? Call us on 01773 717840 or fill in our enquiry form and a member of our team will get right back to you.

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Posted 19 Feb 14
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