Materials Handling Equipment for the Food Industry

Here at Rollstore Ltd, we are passionate about providing you with the highest quality products when it comes to food distribution. When transporting food from one place to another, there are plenty of opportunities for contamination, along with other factors that may lower the quality of your product.

Why use Rollstore?

We go to great lengths to reduce the likelihood of these factors to ensure that your product reaches its destination in peak condition; ensuring efficient service and maximum profit to be collected. We are leading experts within this industry and are highly trusted by our many loyal and valued customers. We’ve been established for 18 years, so there really is no need to look any further if you’re looking for excellent products and fantastic prices.

Transport food quickly & securely using our roll cages

Roll Cage

One of our key products in food distribution are our roll cages. Unlike some other designs, our cages have sloping shelves to ensure that your products can be transported safely, without you having to worry about items slipping off on difficult terrain. Their rigid design allows you to move quickly, without worrying about bits flailing around, and your product stays safe inside. Our wheels are durable and long-lasting and roll smoothly over difficult grounds. When meeting deadlines in the food industry, its important to be able to move quickly whilst feeling like your products are secure; this is what we aim to deliver. Our roll cages come in an assortment of sizes, so that you can transport more of your products faster, ensuring maximum efficiency within your company.

Folding box pallets to save precious space



Another one of our products that we’re passionate about are our box pallets. Our Folding Plastic Pallet is tough and durable, giving your maximum usage out of your purchase. They are strong enough to carry products safely and tough enough to prevent any damage as you don’t have to worry about walls caving in. For your convenience, these pallets fold down, so that you can store them away neatly, keeping your workplace tidy and saving precious space.

We also have heavy duty stillages, which are ideal for heavy industrial usage. If you have heavy, hard to carry kitchen equipment that needs transporting, this is a great product for you. Its large size means you can stock it well, meaning there’ll be less journeys required. Our plastic pallet box is very tough and has skates on the bottom, making it a brilliant product if you’re using machinery such as fork lifts within your warehouse. Like many of our excellent pallets, it folds down to less than half its size, meaning that you can use your work space efficiency instead of for unnecessary storage.

Protect your goods with durable roll containers

Roll Container


Other products within our range include our roll containers. With a selection of sides (2 sided or 4 sided), you can pick the product that will work for your style. The 2 sided roll containers allow you to stack things more easily, thus making them ideal for heavy products. We use high quality materials and leading construction to make our products durable, meaning that you can transport your products as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. We want to eliminate any potential hazards for you and maximise your profits. The 4 sided roll containers are excellent for lighter, more durable products. The wheels aren’t flimsy like some other companies’ products, so you can move as quickly as you like whilst ensuring that the quality of your product is not compromised.

Only need the roll containers for a few days? Not a problem. These are ready to rent online now. If your company has a particular style or branding that you like to stick to for a slick, professional feel, choose our plastic base roll containers. Durable and highly rated by our customers, these are available in a wide selection of colours so you can have a uniform look.

Maximise efficiency

If it’s quality and value that you desire, look at our fantastic range of food distribution products now. We have your needs in mind and guarantee that they’ll allow you to maximise efficiency in the work place. As a result, your scope for profit will be incomparable. With 18 years experience and a high customer rating, we’re sure you’ll join our rank of satisfied customers.

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Posted 24 Jun 14
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