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Box Pallets

About Box Pallets

Box Pallets

Box pallets are a popular storage solution amongst many industries.

They provide cheap and effective storage for multiple environments.

The robust plastic construction allows for both internal and external storage regardless of the weather.

We sell various forms of these box pallets. Each with individual features designed to overcome different problems within the work place.

Along with different colours to suit the customer.

Premium Folding Pallet Box

Quick and easy to assemble and to fold back down. Has a handy lid to protect from spillages or the outdoor elements.

The drop down doors provide easy access whilst stacked up. They also prevent users leaning in when only partially full. The handy FLT guides allows for easy transport as well as preventing potential slippage off the forks.

Plastic Pallet Box

Our most popular pallet box has most of the features as the premium pallet box but at a more pocket friendly price