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Bespoke Roll Cages

About Bespoke Roll Cages

Bespoke Roll Containers

As a leader in the manufacture of materials handling equipment, and preferred supplier to many key business sectors, our committed team here at Rollstore always appreciate how important it is to have exactly what you need to help your operation function smoothly. Below is a  brief description of our Bespoke Roll Containers.

This is certainly true when you examine our selection of high-quality, built-to-last, bespoke fine-mesh roll cages. Whether you are looking for a roll cage for simple storage and transportation, for handling large parcels and bulky items, or in specific food service freezer conditions, you’ll find the answer here.

Workplace Mat Cage

This is already the preferred choice for distribution and storage in a wide range of industries, especially including those where hygiene is a key consideration. Our Workplace Mat Roll Cage stands 1640mm high, is 1400mm wide and offers a depth of 605mm. The thick shelving and ridged structure provides you with a solid and robust roll cage. These Workplace Mat Roll Cages are not nestable.

Large Parcel Roll Cage

At 1800x1210x1020mm, our Large Parcel Roll Cage is an ideal choice for many parcel carrier operations. It comes fully-equipped with easy-use wardrobe doors and you can select either standard or braked castors. This cage is fully lockable and can be manufactured with either a zinc or powder coating.

Multi-Shelf Roll Cage

Our 1725x720x800mm our Multi Shelf Roll Cage is perfect for any operation that include the picking of products. It’s a supremely robust piece of construction and can easily handle the bangs and scrapes it will no doubt receive. You can choose from a range of wheel options – including braked castors – finding the one that best suits your particular environment.

Food Freezer Roll Cages

Specially-designed to meet the needs of food storage and service locations, these extremely robust Food Freezer Roll Cages are created to withstand temperatures as low as minus thirty centigrade. You can choose whether you wish braked castors and powder coating. Two options are available, both are 1825mm high – you can then select either the 700mm wide and 1550mm deep option, or the 760×700 model.

Ordering your choice of bespoke roll cage

To find out more about each model, and select either an outright purchase or rental option, simply click on the relevant image. Of course, if you have any questions, or specific needs you want us to meet, simply call 01773 717840 and discuss them with one of our experienced, friendly and professional team.

Alternatively, take a few minutes to complete our swift enquiry form and we’ll contact you with an answer. You can always be confident that selecting Rollstore’s Bespoke Roll Containers provides the durability and quality to meet your specific needs.